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The 4c’s Factors in Promoting Thai Local Cosmetic Products Via Chinese Internet Celebrities

The development of information technology and the popularity of social media platforms, which contributes to the birth and rapid iteration of Chinese internet celebrity. The promotional value of them has been proved by related industries. Previous studies focus on the general concept and some cases of this group. Therefore, in order to make the promotional activities of a specific industry more effective, the objective of this research is to identify the important factors required to persuade Chinese consumers in Chinese cosmetic internet celebrity short-video promotional content. The analysis is based on the online questionnaires and the semi-structured interview. In order to prove the impacts of Chinese cosmetic internet celebrity on Chinese consumer’s consumption behaviors toward Thai local cosmetic brands. The online questionnaires are conducted. On the other hand, the semi-structured interview based marketing mix 4Cs theory is conducted with 5 cosmetic internet celebrities from China Meipai short-video social platforms in an online We-chat focus group, which aims to identify the important factors required that can persuade Chinese consumers into 4Cs theory elements including customer, cost, convenience, and communication. Keywords - Chinese Cosmetic Internet Celebrity, Thai Local Cosmetic Industry, Chinese Consumers Behavior ,Short-video.