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The Effect of Modified Tai Chi Intervention in Older Females with Balance Problems

Propose: To determine the effectiveness of 6-week Modified Tai Chi Intervention in older females with balance problems Methods: Twenty-six females between 70-85 years of age with balance problems and strength of the lower muscles of the body were moderate (grade 2+ to 3+) without prior Tai Chi training volunteered for the study. All participants were from an elderly female foster home. A modified 6-week Tai Chi exercise program was created and adopted as an intervention program for this study. The participants underwent the modified Tai Chi program 3 times a week for 6 weeks. The modified Tai Chi exercise allowed the participants to exercise with chair enabling them to ensure maximum safety due to ages. The participants performed the m-CTSIB, postural stability balance test, fall risk test, 8 feet up-and-go test, and fear of falling test before and after the exercise program. Pair t-test was conducted at the significant level of .05. Results: After the 6-week Modified Tai Chi invention, the senior participants had better balance where the following test results, Sway Index of Composite, 8 foot up-and-go test, and feat of falling scores were better at .05 significant level than those before the experiment. Conclusion: The 6-week Modified Tai Chi Intervention was safe and effective in improving balance outcomes and enable to decrease fear of falling in the time of the exercise of older females with balance problems. Key words - Exercise intervention, Tai chi, balance, older females