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Neologizing Sonnets By Shakespeare

Shakespeare‟s sonnets are a true reflection of his literary genius. His sonnets neologized the sonnets definition. The sonnets became popular just because of him in Elizabethan England. His sonnets bear his potency as well as outstanding originality as a sonneteer. Masculine friendship becomes the subject matter of the majority of his sonnets. Within the sonnets themselves, the narrator gives us cause to believe that the fair youth is his patron. The narrator alternatively expresses confidence in the constancy of the young man's emotional (and financial) support and complains about the efforts of a rival to woo the fair youth's sponsorship. In the early 1590s, Shakespeare himself faced a similar quandary. My paper will attempt to analyze the homoerotic elements in sonnets (up to sonnet xvii), his standard of homoeroticism found in his sonnets and the way it presents his sexual aspect. Keywords- sonnet, Guinam, homosexuality, Fair youth, Dark lady