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A Comparative Study of Compensation Management in Public and Private Schools in Rawalpindi District

The main purpose of the research study was to compare the Compensation Management Systems of both public and private sector schools, through exploring the main issues and challenges faced by teachers during application of different compensation packages. The descriptive method was applied to fulfil the requirements of research questions and objectives. Random sampling technique was used for data collection. The population of the study covered all head teachers and teachers working at secondary level. For interviews snowball sampling technique was adopted. The sample size of the total population was 708. The data collected by the questionnaires was then further analysed, tabulated and interpreted. The researcher concluded that both sectors school teachers and heads get monetary and non-monetary benefits. Teachers from both sectors face issues and challenges in claiming for their benefits. It was further concluded that the management system of the private sector institutions is more efficient than public sector. In the end researcher proposed strategies on the basis of results, interviews and literature. Keywords- Compensation Management, Issues and challenges, Strategies for managing Compensation Benefits.