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The Promotional Knowledge of The Process of Chinese Cosmetic Internet Celebrity Promotion Based on Macro Communication Model

In recent years, Chinese internet celebrity promotion has become a vital part of many companies‟ promotional activities in China, because of the variety of the characteristics of this group, which provides different industries more opportunities to promote their products to online targeted consumers. In order to help specific industry, understand corresponding internet celebrity promotion process more clearly, this paper focuses on Chinese cosmetic internet celebrity promotion, which aims to identify the promotional knowledge of Chinese cosmetic internet celebrity promotion process for cosmetic industry. The macro communication model is applied to explain the process of promotion, meanwhile, the online semi-structured interview is conducted to interview 5 experienced cosmetic internet celebrities in an online WeChat group, who come from China Meipai short-video social platforms. More importantly, the knowledge creation theory especially the SECI model and Ba, which are introduced as the knowledge creation framework to help transfer the promotional knowledge. Keywords- Internet Celebrity Promotion, SECI Model, Knowledge Management, Cosmetic, Macro Communication Model.