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Impact of Customer Approaches on Value Delivery Innovation of Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in Thailand

As we are going through eras of social sharing and, more recently, artificial intelligence, innovation in value delivering is becoming more important, even in traditional industries like pharmaceutical industry. Strategies from the head quarter of multinational pharmaceutical companies have to be adapted in branch markets and Thailand is an important branch market in Southeast Asia due to the population size and market growth opportunity. Growth in these branch markets depend on how much value delivery can be maximized. Three main customer approaches multinational pharmaceutical companies use to develop strategies are service-oriented, customer-oriented, and digital-oriented approaches. The question is how these customer approaches differently influence value delivery innovation. In this study, sequential mixed method approach is designed to gain both qualitative and quantitative results from innovative multinat ional pharmaceutical companies in Thailand. The conceptual framework in this study can be applied in other countries with multinational companies in pharmaceutical industry and other similar industries. Index terms - Value Delivery, Firm Performance, Service-Oriented Approach, Patient-Oriented Approach, Digital-Oriented Approach, Pharmaceutical, Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies.