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A Causal Relationship Model of Teacher Leadership and School Climate Influencing Work Effectiveness of Private Vocational Teachers through Work Motivation

This research developed and examined the validity of the causal relationship model of teacher leadership and school climate influencing work effectiveness of vocational teachers in the private sector through work motivation. The responses of 320 private vocational teachers selected by stratified random sampling techniques were collected using survey questionnaires. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model using LISREL were employed to investigate the validity. The findings highlighted the influence of work motivation as a mediator variable. Teacher leadership and school climate strongly affected the work effectiveness of vocational teachers in the private sector both directly and indirectly through work motivation. Implications of the study are that vocational colleges should grant teachers the creation activities and the opportunities to pursue further degrees in a higher level of a field of study. Supportive school climates and incentives should be provided to improve teachers’ work engagement and in-role and extra-role performance. Keywords- School Climate, Teacher Leadership, Work Effectiveness, Work Motivation