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Dealing with Change towards Culture and Cognitive

The paper aims to generate a true cycle leading away from stable states through instability. This should lead through transformation and new windows of opportunity to new stable states – or into demise. The purpose is to create a predominantly theoretical effort complemented by a single short case study that illustrates the theoretical approach. For a scientific community, a paradigm consists of a constrained set of values, attitudes and assumptions, legitimate goals, concepts, and accepted pattern of behavior. These are considered to behavior. These are considered to be the normal way of viewing reality and are presenting the legitimate set of solutions. Therefore, this paper adopts the notion of a paradigm to a corporation in view of the fact that corporations through their „culture‟ also adheres to a constrained set of values, goals, and practices. These can be understood to be the „only legitimate‟ way of thinking and acting within the organization. Keywords - Paradigm Change, Personality Trait Model, Strategically Change