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Technology Impact: Perceptions of Hair Salon Employees toward using Tablet Computers in Workplace

Employees of industries, including the hair and beauty industry, increasingly use tablet computers in their workplace. This study aims at investigating perceptions of hair salon employees’ perceptions toward the impact of using tablet computers in the workplace. Based on the results of a focus-group interview with six hair stylists conducted by the researchers, a questionnaire was then developed to investigate hair salon employees’ perceptions toward using tablet computers in workplace. The target audience of the questionnaire included the hair salon’s employees in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan. A total of 700 questionnaires were sent by mail, and 398 were returned. This study found three sets of impact factors for using tablet computers in hair salons: (1) effective communication with consumers, (2) stimulating consumption, and (3) friendship/trust building with consumers. Overall, the employees who used tablet computers more frequently in workplace gave higher scores than those using tablet computers less frequently. The employees in southern Taiwan gave higher scores than the others toward using tablet computers in workplace. It was suggested hair salon’s employees use tablet computers in workplace to assure effective communication and friendship/trust building with consumers to promote business. Keywords - Tablet Computers, Technology, Impact Factor, Hair Salon.