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The Impact of Smartphone Attributes on The Value of Tourists

the purpose of this study is to understand tourist 's perception of smart tourism through field experience as a course in the process of cultivating smart tourism specialists. In order to do this, students actually have questionnaires and conduct face-to-face surveys with tourists, thereby increasing the realistic sense of the overall market for smart tourism. In this study, it is necessary to measure the property of the smartphone that influences tourists' travel value. Ubiquity, which is the attribute of a smartphone, means that you can access anytime anywhere information anywhere. Finally, simple regression analysis results are as follows. Finally, it shows that ubiquity property is statistically significant (p-value 1% level) to tourist value. Therefore, it can be seen from the analysis of this section that the importance of smart tourism and its concept are established in that the smart device significantly influences the value of tourists in terms of tourists. Keywords- Smarphone, Ubiquity, Value, Tourists, Smart Tourism