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The Effects of Car Traffic and Rest Area Utilization Rate on Car Accident Occurrence on Lane B Cipali Toll Road

Human error has been considered as the main factor of car accident in most part of the world. However, it is also interesting to analyze the impact of other factors as well. This paper presents research analysis to confirm whether the number of car traffic, utilization of rest area, and the average car speed affect the number of car accidents in Cikopo- Palimanan Toll Road (Cipali Toll Road) in West Java, Indonesia. We also analyze the effect of the number of traffic on rest area utilization at the same toll road. We observe the traffic in the toll section KM130B during certain period in the early morning (where and most accidents happened) for 13 days of the new year holiday season of 2019 and use regression models to analyze the observation data. This toll section is considered as one of black spots identified by operator of Cipali Toll Road. The results show that the rest area utilization rate has a significant effect on the occurrence of car accident. This implies that bigger rest area may be needed to lower the utilization rate and thus reducing the occurrence of car accidents. Keywords—Car Speed, Rest Area, Utilization, Car Accident, Toll Road