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Evaluation of the Strategic Leadership Skills of top Management in the Municipalities at Gaza Strip - Palestine

This paper aims at evaluating the strategic leadership skills of top management that are: self-skills, technical skills, Intellectual skills, and managerial skills, and as a case study, this research was applied on the municipalities at Gaza Strip in Palestine since municipalities play a very leading role in serving citizens. The descriptive analytical method was used with the comprehensive inventory of all the employees from the Head of the Division and higher, the study included all major municipalities in Gaza Strip (Jabaliya, Gaza, Deir al-Balah, Khan Younis, Rafah), where the questionnaire was used as a tool for the study, and (192) questionnaires were collected back out of the (211) questionnaire distributed in a recovery percentage that reached 90.1% .The study showed the following results: a high degree of approval by the members of the study population regarding the fields of strategic leadership skills (personal skills, technical skills, intellectual skills, managerial skills), where the degree of approval on all fields of strategic leadership skills by members of the study community shown in a relative heaviness of 71.55%, there is no statically significant differences at (α≤ 0.05) between the average responses of the respondents about the strategic leadership skills in municipalities in Gaza Governorates attributed to the variables (gender, the municipality the responder works at, Qualification, years of service, Job Title) except the variable of age ,and the differences were in favor of individuals who are less than 30 years old. The study recommended: Give concern for the preservation of high skills of strategic leadership in the Palestinian local organizations, through seminars and specialized conferences and giving more attention to the application of the various practices through implementing continuous training workshops. The exchange of international expertise to take advantage of them in the field of developing leadership skills, by the activation of external scholarship leaders in the local bodies of developed countries. Keywords - Municipalities; Strategic Leadership; Self-Skills; Technical Skills; Intellectual Skills; Managerial Skills.