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Guidelines for Social Network Development towards Environmental Conservation and Ways of People’ Lives at Floating Market for Sustainable Tourismin Taling-Chan District, Bangkok.

This research aims to find the level of people’s participation towards environmental conservation and ways of live along the canal for people. 400 people as samplings and other 30 driven leaderships were interviewed. The result showed that people dwelling in the 5 floating market areas were members of the social groups, especially Saving (AomSab) Group. Traditionally, each member is accustomed to one another and joins Buddhist activities regularly e.g. Makhabucha Day, Buddhist Lent Day, and Traditional Customs: New Year Day, Songkarn Day, Father Day, and Mother Day. Besides everyone is satisfied with facilities and accommodations in each community including water supply, electricity, and telephone. Importantly friendship among them provoked to live peacefully and happily. On weekends or holidays, people come to the floating market as a recreational tourist attraction, and some bring agricultural products to sell. About environmental conservation, people have conserved traditional activities and rituals such as Loy Kra Tong Festival (Floating floral decorated banana cut stem), Chak Pra Festival (Pulling Image of Buddha on the barge), Paying respect to Mother Goddess of the River, and so on. The findings showed that people participated in each activity in the medium level but were aware of environment and ways of lives in the high level. Keywords - Participation, Environmental Conservation and Way of Life, Sustainable Tourism, Urban Floating Market