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Towards an Eco-Responsible Decision: Case of Moroccan Companies

This paper identifies the determinants of companies' ecological behaviour in the Moroccan context. It aims to describe a company's ecological behaviour by taking an eco-responsible decision that guarantees its social responsibility. In this work, we propose a theoretical model built on the basis of a rich and varied literature review, and bringing together a trio of dimensions namely psychological, sociological and economic. The innovative added value of our perception is to integrate the ecological aspect into this trio in order to define and further explain an eco-responsible decision-making process within Moroccan companies.The said model is characterized by the anchoring of an ecological shade , often qualitative, in the dimensions of the trio. Indeed, without restricting the generality, we choose for each dimension two linguistic variables compatible with the chosen context. Thus the final model will contain three dimensions and six variables carefully selected. The linguistic nature of these potential variables requires us to use fuzzy logic as a method of classification and analysis. This choice highlights our work and makes it different from other previous and current works discussing the same subject. Keywords - Corporate Social Responsibility, Fuzzy Logic ,Ecological Behaviour, Eco-Responsible Decision-Making.