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The Development of A Web-based Training Model for Enhancing Efficiency in Agricultural Machinery Mechanic Jobs

This research aims to develop a model for enhancing professional skills of agricultural machinery mechanics through web-based training, and to study the results of applying the proven efficiency training model in actual situations. The study was conducted in five phases. The first phase was carried out to examine problems and needs of strengthening agricultural machinery mechanic jobs through web-based training using focus group discussions among ten participants obtained by purposive sampling. In the second phase, the training model was developed in consideration of suitability and congruence by three experts. In the third phase, a training tool and a website were developed to meet quality requirements. In the fourth phase, the trial use to find efficiency of the model among twenty participants divided into three groups was explored. In the last phase, result-based monitoring and satisfaction evaluations of using the training model were investigated among the twenty participants both before and after the training. Collected data were then analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test. The findings showed that agricultural machinery technicians lacked knowledge, skills, and budget for training. Time, transportation, and policy were not conducive to arrange the training as well. The web-based training model comprised five elements, i.e. analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. There are five units in the training, i.e. 1) general knowledge of agricultural machinery, 2) safety in agricultural machinery, 3) diesel engine, 4) transmission and hydraulic systems, 5) peripherals equipment and maintenance. The statistical significance of the developed model after the training was higher than before the training at p < 0.05, and the trainees were highly satisfied with the training. Keywords - Developed Model, Web-Based Training, Agricultural Machinery Mechanic Jobs