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Impact of Intra-Group and Inter-Group Social Capital on Organizational Processes in Enterprises

In the contemporary economy, the success of an enterprise on the market is increasingly dependent on intangible values. One of these is that of the developed social capital, namely, intra-group and inter-group capital. In the herein paper, the authors present the results of empirical research on the impact of these types of capital on the group and organizational processes, as well as the competitiveness of enterprises. The principal aim of this paper is the search for the answers to the following research questions: What are the levels of intra-group and inter-group social capital in enterprises? To what extent do these two types of capital influence the group and organizational processes? In what scope do the intra-group and inter-group social capital influence the growth of competitiveness of enterprises? In the search for answers to these questions survey research was conducted. As a result of the research, significant statistical relations were discovered between the attributes of intra-group and inter-group social capital and the most important processes in organizations. Likewise, the positive impact of these attributes were indicated in terms of the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises on the market. Keywords - Social Capital, Enterprise, Group Processes, Competitiveness.