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Employees with Disabilities : A Future without Violence in Malaysia

This paper mainly discuss about the employment problems faced by people with disabilities in Malaysia, it will also determines the rights and privileges enjoyed by disabled person while facing employment difficulties and barriers in Malaysia. The main factor which caused the employment problems among disabled person is the group of people who has the discriminatory preconception towards people who suffer from disabilities, employers with discriminatory mind are the main inhibitors in employing person with disabilities. This social exclusion faced by the disabled person in employment issue has led to inequality. This situation has caused the unfair treatment towards disabled person and posted unequal employment right among them. Although Article 8 of the Federal Constitution Malaysia prohibits discrimination, but ironically disabled person are still facing discrimination issues in employment. This has showed the disability of Malaysia law in protecting disabled person in employment issue. However, laws and regulations which protect disabled person still exist in Malaysia, these regulations sets out the employment rights of a disabled person. Nevertheless, these rules has its own lacuna and gaps which are depriving the rights of disabled people in employment and caused social exclusion. Keywords- Disabled, Employee, Fair, Workplace, Effort