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Factor of Profitability on Banks Industry in ASEAN

The economic role of the ASEAN region, which has high potential for growth in a more diversified global economy, is becoming important. In addition, as the growth potential of ASEAN grows, inflow of financial asset is increasing. In these change, it is necessary to understand what performance factors are influenced by corporate banks that have acted in ASEAN. We examine the factors that affect the movement of assets by analyzing the performance factors of globalization amid financial market expansion. There are various types of bank's asset, and they operate in various forms such as subsidiaries, branches, representative offices, and offices. In this case, banks below the branch are excluded from the analysis and the cost and benefits can be taken into account with the financial and economic aspects of the financial market expansion by the banks in the form of corporations. Therefore, we examine the performance factors of corporate banks that are capable of independent financial accounting as much as possible.NIM of corporate banks in ASEAN be influenced from 2013 to 2017 by efficient and soundness variable, but ROA has some different results. These are financial market had expanded although transaction cost increased in global economy contraction. The size of banks is not significantly consideration of the outcome of corporate banks in ASEAN countries and financial market expansion. Key words- Corporate Banks, ASEAN, Profitability, Factors, NIM, ROA, Financial Market Expansion.