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GRASP and Statistical Bounds for Heuristic Solutions to Combinatorial Problems

The quality of a heuristic solution to a NP-hard combinatorial problem is hard to assess. A few studies have advocated and tested statistical bounds as a method for assessment. These studies indicate that statistical bounds are superior to the more widely known and used deterministic bounds. However, the previous studies have been limited to a few heuristics and combinatorial problems and, hence, the general performance of statistical bounds in combinatorial optimization remains an open question. This work complements the existing literature on statistical bounds by testing them on the metaheuristic Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedures (GRASP) and four combinatorial problems. Our findings confirm previous results that statistical bounds are reliable for the p-median problem, while we note that they also seem reliable for the set covering problem. For the quadratic assignment problem, the statistical bounds have previously been found reliable when obtained from the Genetic algorithm whereas in this work they have been found less reliable. Finally, we provide statistical bounds to four 2-path network design problem instances for which the optimum is currently unknown. Key Words- Combinatorial Problems, GRASP, Statistical Bounds, Statistical Optimum Estimation Techniques