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The Study on Parameters Affecting Performance of Vertical Falling Film Evaporator

Evaporation process is a process for removing solvent from solution. This process consumes lots of energy to change liquid into vapor. Nowadays, the efficient use of energy is main problem for every industry. Falling film evaporators are solution for solve energy efficiency problem. The advantage of falling film evaporators is on operating with small temperature difference which means that these evaporators consume less energy than other types of evaporator. This is because these evaporators has high heat transfer coefficient. However, the evaporators need reliable design for maximum performance of the evaporator. In this work, authors have reviewed research studies on vertical falling film evaporator and also investigate the development of correlation for determine heat transfer coefficient.Minimum feed rate for prevent liquid film breakdown as well as effect of co-flowing vapor and Prandtl number on heat transfer coefficient were studied. Keywords - Vertical Falling Film Evaporator, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Co-Flowing Vapor, Liquid Film