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Inhibition of the Algal Growth using TiO2-Embedded EPS Balls: Lab-Scale Outdoor Experiment

TiO2-embedded expanded polystyrene(TiEPS) balls with powdered TiO2 particles embedded on the surface of EPS were developed, and the growth inhibition of Chlorella ellipsoidea, a green algae, was evaluated. Based on the analysis of cell number, cell morphology, concentrations of Chl-a and Phaeopigments, both surface reactions in heterogeneous photocatalys is and light shielding could inhibit the growth of C. ellipsoidea. Although dominant inhibitory effects on the growth of C. ellipsoidea were ambiguous, TiEPS balls were feasible to prevent and inhibit the excessive growth of algaes in eutrophic water body. Further experiments are in progress to evaluate the inhibitory effects of harmful algae growth in eutrophic rivers and lakes as a mesocosm field study. Index Terms - Chlorella ellipsoidea, inhibitory effects, Photocatalyst, TiO2-embedded EPS balls