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Consumer’s understanding and Effect toward a product from Zingiberacea Familia based on Manuscript Medical Manuscript and Literature Review: An Analysis among Klang Valley Society

The research on herbs that has been purchased within a society nowadays are become crucial to explain their understanding and perception toward herbal remedies, and one of famous product that had been consumed by the consumer are from Zingiberaceae Familia. The study brings out green product from Zingiberacea Familia among 123 respondents in Klang with focusing on primary objective; to assess the consumer’s understanding and effect on the usage toward cosmetic products as well as personal care products from Zingiberaceae Familia. The other objectives are to analyze the perception toward an effect of cosmetics and healthcare products from Zingiberacea familia. Primary data was collected from the survey tabulated within the Klang Valley society, and secondary data was collected from the available literature sources. The core idea of the finding are a world view is also a two-way bridge: an understanding toward the herb’s usage and benefit might have an effect on the consuming behavior of the herbal remedies, and the perception of of the product’s benefit might give a good impression towards consumer usage with the product of the family Zingiberecea. Keywords - Herbal remedies, Zingiberacea familia, Malay Medical Manuscript, Klang Valley society.