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Organizational Knowledge Systems Drive Entity Performance: An Exploratory Analysis

The main purpose of this study is to test an organizational knowledge system (OKS) framework and find the relationship between knowledge management (KM), organizational learning (OL), talent management (TM) practices, and organizational performance (OP) in organizations, providing a deep understanding of OKS output. The researcher created a complete mechanism of the OKS, then tested the proposed model. A survey method was used to elicit information from employees in managerial and non-managerial positions. This study addressed gaps in knowledge and learning systems in organizations using talented employees. Moreover, the researcher combined the theories of KM, OL capability, and TM practices to build theory that is more applicable to specific work fields. So, the translation of knowledge into performance outcomes requires learning and management mechanisms, then consideration of the knowledge processes that form the basis for performance improvement. This research found how OKSs affect entities. Keywords- Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management, Talent Management, and Organizational Knowledge Systems.