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The Impact of Customer Intelligence Management on Customer Purchase Decision Process

With the technological developments that are invading the world nowadays, and the large size of data that organization have to manage about their customers; there appeared a need for customer intelligence management (CIM) which is able to feed the desire of organizations to be more prominent and competitively advantageous. Current study aimed at examining the influence of CIM on purchase decision process among consumes within 5 stars hotels in Amman. Total of (459) guests filled a self-administered questionnaire; using SPSS results of study indicated an influence of customer intelligence practices and strategies on the purchase decision making process among individuals. The most influenced variable appeared to be recognition of needs with an R value of 0.910 while post purchase evaluation scored the lowest to be influenced with an R value of 0.526.Study recommends to depend more on social media in reaching the needed information and data about customer given that social media website is personalized and has the ability to give indications about individuals' behavior and preferences when it comes to purchasing. Keywords - Customer Intelligence Management (CIM), Customer Behavior Theory, Purchase Decision Process,5 stars hotels