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The Roles of Bar Association in Kurdistan to Spreading Legal Culture Between all People in Kurdistan

The Association of lawyers in the Kurdistan Region have an active role in covering the requirements of the community in Kurdistan and that what the union does not less important than the institutions and jobs and other work within the region. It participates in all annual events in all areas such as Halabja Day, Independence Day, Women's Day, Norouz Day, religious and official festivals and others, making it an effective engine in the development of the society in theory and practice locally and internationally, in addition to its basic duties as a legal profession through continuous activities and supervision of the union in a sophisticated and sophisticated manner In accordance with the conditions of society. This is done by the union in order to highlight the role of the union and lawyers locally and internationally through conducting scientific and legal activities to serve the reputation of the union and society. Keywords - Lawyers, Political Roles, Kurdistan Bar Association, Develop Kurdistan Laws.