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Comparison of Myanmar Lacquer Ware Arts and Crafts between Bagan- Myinka-ba and Monywa- Kyauk-ka Regions

Instruments which were used to make black lacquer ware in Monywa-Kyauk-ka region were as follow:(1) chopper or knife with a broad blade,(2) Knife with a broad blade and curved point,(3) Coconut fiber for scrubbing,(4) . Rock mortar, pestle, big flat wooden ladle, ladle spoon, sawdust and bucket,(5) Copper or brass or bronze drain,(6) Extra flag,(7) Kind of creeper,(8) Copper or brass or bronze bowl,(9) Block,(10) . Cup in fitting snugly,(11) Drawing,(12) Foot figure and (13) Smooth scrapping. Styluso instruments were as follow.(1) Needles which lined up,(2) Scrapping wood,(3) Pair of compasses,(4) Foot rule,(5) Brush drawing string lines,(6) Brush for writing words,(7) Brush for drawing flowers,(8) Brush for drawing sheet, and (9) Brush for drawing tail. They are called as bamboo strips. And they were taken out from pot and one strip or two strips were moving up and down along the revolving block. Keywords- The process of Myinkaba Black Lacquer, The process of making Kyaukka Black Articles, Instruments which were used to make Black Lacquer Ware, Stylus Instruments