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Biopic and Myth Making

Every epoch develops its own way to tell its myths and its heroes. Myth usually refer to stories shared by members of a society. They usually include supernatural forces, gods, and heroes able to explain the nature of the universe and relationship individuals entertain with it. Questioning about our myths has much to do with questioning about ourselves. In the past, the myths were transmitted from person to another, but nowadays they transmit to us through media by cultural penetration. 'Biopics' is a term derived from the combination of the words "biography" and "pictures." they have existed since the earliest days of silent cinema, in films such as French filmmaker Georges Melies' future-length Jeanne D' Arc (1899), Abel Gance's innovative six-hour- long epic Napoleon (1927). These films depict and dramatize the life of an important historical personage (or group) from the past or present era. Sometimes, historical biopics stretch the truth and tell a life story with varying degrees of accuracy. Big-screen biopics cross many genre types, since these films might showcase a western outlaw; a criminal; a musical composer; a religious figure or leader of a movement; a war-time military hero; an entertainer; an artist; an inventor, scientist, or doctor; a politician or President; a sports hero or celebrity; or an adventurer. In many cases, these films put an emphasis on the larger events (wartime, political or social conditions) surrounding the person's entire life as they rise to fame and glory. Some begin with the person's childhood, but others concentrate on adult achievements. The new version of Biopics portrays the life of live peoples and recreates their contemporary lives through historical vision. seem to experiment new and more realistic alternatives, especially in recent productions, which have allowed the entry to never entirely positive characters, but more often problematic and ambiguous ones, as more often life is .This paper presents a multi faceted approach for Biopic as a genre that is in progress in the second century of cinema. Keywords - Biopic, Genre, Character, Myth, Culture, Postmodern