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Modelling The Spread of Fatigue Crack in a Railway Axle Under Variable Loading

Axles are one of the most important components in railway vehicle with regard to safety, since a failsafe design is not available. Due to the complexity of the expertise, the approach consists in making a numerical modeling in static and dynamic under variable stresses taking into account the reality of several parameters. The main purpose of this study is to analysis the fatigue behaviour of the railway axle under static and dynamic loading. The mechanical analyse is then used to determine the Von Mises stress established in the axle, the stress intensity factor distribution in crack tip and the influence of the overload on the lifetime and crack growth velocity of railway axle. The results are satisfactory, when compared with expert report of railway Italian accident on 29 June 2009 in Viareggio. Keywords - Overload, Cyclic loading,Fatigue, Axle, Lifetime.