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Expatriation and Careers Development -Perspective of Expatriations

Mainland China has possessed the qualification to be evenly matched with the United States as the most competitive economic newcomer in today’s economic system. Therefore, many enterprises of the world including Taiwan gradually expand the business territory in Mainland China for increasing the business competitiveness and reducing the cost of personnel management. As the expansion and transformation of business territory to Mainland China, many enterprises have dispatched long- term on-site administrative cadre members or professional technical engineers to help the issues of administration and technology transfer. For these expatriates, what will be their career plans at present or in the near future? This research conducted in-depth interview with fourteen expatriates who dispatched to work in China for the purpose of identifying dispatch motivation, willing of self-perpetuation and career development of expatriates. The conclusions are: 1. Without clarity career goal, the career development of expatriates will be discouraged. 2. The decision on career development of expatriates will be affected by family factors such as satisfaction on marriage, education and caring issues of their children. 3. Expatriates’ skill will influence his/her career development. 4. The factors that impacted expatriates’willing of self-perpetuation are the stability, continual development and promotion system of a company. 5. Expatriatesfocused on working achievement followed by salary. 6. Family economy and families are the main concerns for most of theexpatriates. 7. Job content and family economy fitted the expectation of expatriates. 8. Most expatriates keep working in Mainland China after expatriate contract terminated. Keywords - Career Goal, Career Development, Willing Of Self-Perpetuation, Dispatch Motivation.