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Preparation of High Quality Graphene by Combination of The Hydrothermal, Intercalation and Electrochemical Methods

In this work we have tried to provide an easy, inexpensive, and affordable method for synthesize of graphene. We used modified carbon paste electrode to present new route for synthesize of the graphene nanosheets. Some molecules was intercalated into the graphite layers through hydrothermal route. Then, the intercalated graphite powder was used to prepare carbon paste electrode as anode in the electrochemical exfoliation. The products were characterized by XRD, SEM, Raman and TEM analyses. Results showed that using of Pyromellitic acid as an intercalating agent leads to producing a graphene sample with desired quality. Finally, a commercial polyurethane was modified using the synthesized graphene which had the best quality, and its mechanical properties was studied by using of a tensile testing machine. According to the results, adding of the obtained graphene to the polymer tissue promote its mechanical properties such as tensile stress and tensile modulus up to 230 and 160% respectively. Keywords - Graphene, Electrochemical Exfoliation, Hydrothermal, Intercalation, Polymer Nanocomposite.