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Implications of Career Intervention on Public University Students in Malaysia

University student’s career readiness focuses on the ability of career decision making a part of being affected by external factors such as family, organization, social and economy. The duration of study in university is between 3 to 6 years which is a transition period between education and career that needs someone who is capable of making career decisions and responsible towards the decisions made. This study aims to analyse past studies which are related with career intervention among university students. Results show that (i) there is a need to implement career intervention among undergraduate students in university; (ii) career intervention successfully improve career readiness; (iii) experimental study is the best research design to measure the efficiency of career intervention; and (iv) to conduct follow-up assessment after the career intervention ends. The implication towards career intervention with regard of the needs towards an issue and evaluate the effectiveness objectively. This study suggests that future research should identify the construct of career readiness to develop module with the effectiveness of module. Keywords - Career Readiness, Career Intervention, Graduate Employability, University Student