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Exploring the Logic of Learning Programming with Unplugged Teaching Method -Taking Yoder Bilingual Academy as an Example

Programming education has become a trend in education around the world. Many countries have included coding education in the curriculum, some of which have been taught since the age of 5, and have adopted unplugged teaching methods. Taiwan's Yoder Bilingual Academyadapted the ACTC unplugged teaching curriculum system, which allows students to conduct programming logic courses weekly. They teach concepts such as instruction, search, and binary from first grade. After 12 weeks of the first semester and 8 weeks of the next semester, the multi-evaluation method is used to understand the status of students' learning. Students will eventually still need to receive plug-in courses, so unplugged teaching can be seen as an important stage in connecting plug-in programming education. Keywords - computational thinking, Unplugged teaching, programming education