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Analysis of “Beauty Meaning” in Advertisement

Beauty is something that can’t be separated from women. Women will compete to care and fix themselves to get the ideal definition of beauty. At present, a variety of beauty products appear for the skin, face and body as well as the style of dress that triggers women competes to decorate themselves to look more beautiful and attractive. One of that products is Wardah Cosmetict, a brand issued by PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation. In every Wardah advertisements, it often displays the impression of female beauty seen from its physical appearance, and with the touch of its products which adds to the feeling more charming. Not only physically, Wardah also shows beauty from themselves. The research aims is to analyze the beautiful meaning of beautiful Wardah advertisements from the version of Dewi Sandra's heart which was aired in 2018 with hastag #SenyumKebaikan(#GoodSmile) using Roland Barthes's analysis (connotative, denotative, and mythical).The results of the Roland Barthes concept are known that denotatively Wardah advertisements starring Dewi Sandra, beauty is seen from how the physical appearance and style of clothing are commensurate. However, connotatively look at female beauty is not just a physical matter but can be seen from inner beauty of someone who radiates and casts a positive vibes. And the last, myth is defined that woman who has clean, white, smooth skin, without black spots and zits, and also has a beauty inside and outside herself. Keywords - Beautiful Meaning, Cosmetict Advertisement, Semiotics Roland Barthes.