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Model of World Tourism in the Period 2000 – 2036

The research topic in this paper is world tourism. The aim of the analysis and evaluation of individual model variables and the growth rates obtained was to scientifically formulate the results of research through direct rates of the most important theoretical regularities of the world tourism in the period from 2000 to 2036. Appropriate combinations of numerous scientific methods have been used, of which only the most important ones are mentioned: methods of analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive method, descriptive method, comparative method, statistical and mathematical method, modeling method (growth matrix), methods of evidence and objections. The basic scientific hypothesis has been proven through direct rates of the selected model variables. Thus, a scientifically based confirmation of a scientific hypothesis has been provided: "Scientific insight into world tourism can suggest a new model of world tourism for the period 2000 to 2036". Keywords - World Tourist Regions, Development Model, Matrix Account