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A Conceptual Framework for Digital Financial Literacy

The term digital financial literacy has evolved globally and has turn out to be a center area for researchers and policymakers. Digital financial Literacy has gained significance with the expansion of a diversity of digital financial products and services, augmented complications of the financial markets, and cash less India campaign. The dream of building India a digital country will be fulfilled if the people are financially literate i.e. they know how to access and use the digitally available financial services. It is very significant for the authorities to formulate adequate interventions to make people digitally literate. The main aim of this paper is to develop a conceptual framework for digital financial literacy in context of business and strive to find some intellectual insights to understand how digital financial literacy helps the firms to achieve their objectives. The paper presents certain issues related to digital financial literacy, access to financial services and financial services utilization among MSME sector. It expects to standardize a conceptual framework for a forthcoming assessment. The paper attempts to determine the importance of digital financial literacy, access to financial services and actual financial services utilization. Further research is mandatory to authenticate empirically the outline through organized investigations and to review its practicability as a digital financial literacy model. It is envisioned that the conception of attentiveness and transfer of digital financial literacy and planning to access and utilise the digitally available financial services will enable the government to investigate on inclusive level, issues for financial success of MSME sector. The topic is original and positions itself as the foundation stream of digital financial literacy and access to financial services research, eventually leads towards introductory contribution to financial services utilization. Keywords - Digital Financial Literacy, Financial Services Access, Financial Services Utilization, MSMEs