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Faculty Readiness for Transformative Learning

Transformative learning theory was developed by Jack Mezirow in the late 1900s. In this strategy, students’ critical thinking and questioning skills are promoted. These skills enable students to succeed in academic performance and develop positive personality. However, students cannot obtain these skills without teachers’ instructions. Therefore, teachers’ roles in transformative learning are of critical importance. This paper thus investigates the readiness of the faculty at FPT Polytechnic, a vocational school in Hanoi, Vietnam, for transformative learning. A survey questionnaire regarding instructional factors and personal factors was delivered to 40 faculty members. The results revealed that readiness was seen in a number of the teachers involved in the research, but resistance could be noticed notwithstanding. Also, there existed a few problems that should be considered promptly. Keywords - Transformative Learning, Instructional Factors, Faculty Personal Factors