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Managing Flow Characteristics by Sediment Content Analysis in Drainage Channels

Most of the contents found in road-side ditches herein the “sending” or “dumping” or “transport” channels and the “receiving” channels are a result of water or wind. Such contents affect the flow characteristics in these channels to some good extent and were the aim of the study. Quantitative methods through the experimental design was vital in the study. Five experiment spots were considered for the study from the western, central, northern and eastern areas of Uganda. Findings showed that the particulate matter comprises majorly of polyethylene, fabrics and gravel materials. These were more evident in both channels. This results from illegal dumping by several parties like market vendors, transport/transit-related personnel/points, motor garages among others. They slow down the flow process when they are dunned, and increase the process when they are rilled. It was found out that the latter increases the sediment content in the “receiving” channel. The rilling was basically considered for the sending channels and the dunning for the receiving channel. A mathematical conceptual model was developed to synchronize the rilling and duning in channels. The findings shall help in improving the dumping behaviors, the clean-up procedures, solve several environmental concerns, and used as a basis to develop the actual flow model for such channels. Ketwords - Channel, Flow Characteristics, Model, Rilling/Duning, Sediment