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e-Marketing Sticky Chattels: Guess In The Emirates’ Market

Hoary studies bring off two opposing trends in consumer behavior towards internet marketing. Interminably span sort out ofopenly is dazed to promotion backing consumerism browse web marketing, another segment is increasingly becoming cautious and often reluctant to this channel due to their disinclination towards this ‘alien channel’ for shopping, especially soft goods. The deadly par spellbound by these groups is the candid challenge for global online marketers for non durable goods, to enter into gulf markets. Conceptualizing the confidence meander consumer’s gratitude is a consumer’s authoritativeness and their inscrutability is crucial for the finishing touch of digital marketing, this paper aims to assess consumers’ level of awareness on, and exposure to online purchase of soft goods selecting Abu Dhabi as a case market. The foremost text tranquil just about a sample of 300 consumers examined the reasons that pull consumers back from e-shopping. Burden A-T-A-R Hew, the knowledge explored the demand for e-marketing in the Emirates and therefore, this paper would be supportive to marketers in order to revitalize their current e-marketing strategies for the UAE consumers. This signifies the scope of this paper. Keywords- E-Marketing, Soft Goods, Market Prospects, Abu Dhabi