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The Influence of Leadership, Compensation and Work Environment Toward to Employees Performance

The progress of a company is strongly influenced by environmental factors that are internal and external. The company is also required to be able to face or meet various demands and changes in the company environment. For this reason, leadership is an important factor in improving employee performance in a company. Improved performance of course is to motivate employees to achieve the goals or objectives of the organization and to meet the standards of behavior that have been set by the company. Compensation is a big enough role in motivating employees to remain enthusiastic at work. In this case compensation must be in accordance with the provisions set by the company and the regulations of the local government. This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of leadership, compensation and work environment on employee performance at PT. Surya Borneo Indah. This type of research is quantitative research with causal methods. the population in this study was 247 people with a sample of 72 respondents. The results of this study stated that Leadership (X1) had a positive and significant effect on employee’s performance, compensation (X2) had a positive and not significant effect on employee’s performance, and the work environment had a positive and significant on employee’s performance. Keywords - Leadership, Compensation, Work Environment, Employee Performance