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A Recipe for Loyalty among Indonesian Milenials through Bazaar

Short-term events are called festivals. These events are important for the world of tourism (Chang, 2006). The bazaar has recently become a trendy event and is starting to attract attention. We also know that markets like this, they bring people who stand from buyers and sellers (Doyle, 2015). In Indonesia, based on INIJIE, there are 3 things that might become "founders" of the market in Indonesia. First, it may be the influence of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, which affects city such as Surabaya, city that usually follow what is happening in the capital city (Kenny, 2015). Second, is the hype and pleasure to get along with friends as a social phenomenon (Kenny, 2015). The last is that the market is a "paradise" for EOs and for tenants to seek extra money (Kenny, 2015). The purpose of this research is to reveal whether Festival Authenticity has the effect on Loyalty to Festival through Festival Quality, Festival Value and Satisfaction with Festival on Surabaya Bazaar in Surabaya, which is aimed to use 4 variables to identify the Loyalty to Festival. This study uses a quantitative approach to the analysis technique of Structural Equation Model (SEM) and the AMOS 22.0 software. The questionnaire were distributed to 50 respondents in the sample, in which the characteristics of respondents that consists of men and women in the age range 18-60 years, who have visited bazaar at least once. The sampling method used in this research that is non - probability sampling. Keywords - Festival Authenticity, Festival Value, Festival Quality, Satisfaction with Festival, Loyalty to Festival, Bazaar