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Online Dispute Resolution: Real Life Challenges

It beholds the truth that the world of law has stumbled upon the issues of typical litigation where parties sometimes end up paying more than the value of a civil suit and sometimes do not even live that long to see their suit concluding. The introduction of the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution has led to a drastic and positive change in the international law system by decreasing the workload of courts. Whereas, to simplify and to make things a little faster and cost-efficient a new concept of Online Dispute Resolution has been introduced and worked upon where the disputes are settled on-line with the help of computers, which can also be called as "cyber- mediation". Where this all might sound like a great way out for two parties to resolve their dispute by sitting anywhere in the world, the real-life model is quite different when applied. This paper will revolve around the challenges that Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) has to face in its timeline. Starting with the range of dispute, which is quite limited to the lack of personal touch which gives rise to concern of safe network and lastly confidentiality. The concept itself raises various questions which will be dealt with in detail. This paper aims to take the reader from the lighter to the darker side of Online Dispute Resolution where it comes in as a handy tool for dispute resolution but simultaneously harm the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Keywords - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Online Dispute Resolution, Cyber Mediation, Confidentiality, Impersonal