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An Enquiry Of Severe Manufacturing System Under Utopian Environment

With the emergence of a business era that embraces change as one of its major characteristics, manufacturing success and survival are becoming more and more difficult to ensure. The emphasis is on adaptability to changes in the business environment and on addressing market and customer needs proactively. Changes in the business environment due to varying needs of the customers lead to uncertainty in the decision parameters. Flexibility is needed in the CBR environment to counter the uncertainty in the decision parameters. The paper explores the relationship among lead-time, cost, quality, and service level and the leanness and agility of a case based reasoning in fast moving consumer goods business. The paper concludes with the justification of the framework, which analyses the effect of market winning criteria and market qualifying criteria on the three types of manufacturing system: lean, agile and le-agile. Finally, selection of the best manufacturing system applying MOORA method with the help of case indexing and AHP.AHP is for the measuring of weight factor of the problem. A model for case indexing based on AHP presented. Keywords – Intelligent manufacturing systems, CBR, Case Indexing, MOORA method, Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM), Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Fuzzy numbers.