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Importance of Service Strategies and Level of Their Use: Challenges in the Management of Family Hotels in Georgia

In Georgia, the tourism development rate is increasing year after year reaching new dimensions. As a result, the number of small hotels, including family hotels increases, too. However, poor tourist service is still an important challenge in the country. Most of the hotels have not developed their service strategies in advance and limit themselves to short-term decisions. The goal of the study is to evaluate the hotel strategies, make the conclusions and develop the recommendations. Following the goal of the study, the following study objectives were identified: assessment of the level of development of small hotels in tourist industry, evaluation of the level of use of strategies at small hotels, including family hotels, and making conclusions and development of recommendations. The object of the study is small hotels, including family hotels, with their number showing a 15-20% annual increase in recent years. The theoretical research is based on the scientific works of the famous world researchers, including Georgian researchers, while the practical research is based on the qualitative study of small hotels in Georgia. Statistical information on the one hand and questionnaires, interviews, graphical, grouping and comparison methods on the other hand were used in the process of the study. The study evaluated the level of use of service strategies by the small hotels in Georgia and developed the recommendations to contribute to their improved efficiency and development. Keywords - Service, Strategy, Management, Tourism.