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Impact of Time-Shifting and Ad-Skipping Viewings on Advertising Effectiveness

As the way of life changes, the way people watch TV is changing. Recently, it has been said that the audience rating has declined. The widespread use of hard disk recorders (HDR) is considered as a major factor behind the decline in audience ratings. Video Research Ltd., which measures the audience rating criteria that determine commercial advertising fees, has released time-shifted audience ratings and total audience ratings, which are new indicators since 2016. However, since HDR has a function to skip commercials, the total audience rating cannot be left as it is. In this study, we analyzed the prediction of time-shifted audiences and the effect of time-shifted viewing on advertising effectiveness using a single-source data include TV viewing data, as well as changes in purchase intentions. As a result, it was suggested that time-shift viewing has a negative effect on the commercial effect. Keywords - Time-shifted viewing, advertising effectiveness, Hard disk recorders, intension to buy, actual purchases