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Cinema: Cooperative Intelligent Network Management Architecture For Multi -Robot Rescue System In Disaster Areas

In multi-mobile robot environment, localization and network connectivity are important issue to perform a given task collaboratively and cooperatively. Especially when performing the rescue mission using cooperative multi-robot rescue system in the areas having obstacles in line of sight communication, GPS unavailability due to loss of connectivity and position unavailability from remote monitoring center. Therefore, this paper proposes a new Cooperative Intelligent Network Management Architecture (CINeMA) software in order to support the connectivity of dynamically self-organized seamless network and outdoor-to-indoor cooperative localization for multi-robot rescue system in disaster areas. For this, the proposed CINeMA consists of two-way range (TWR) based cooperative positioning scheme and radio signal map based seamless routing scheme. To show its feasibility and effectiveness, this paper presents the analysis results through the numerical simulation and experiments. Keywords- Seamless Communication Routing, Cooperative Positioning, Blocking Areas of Communication and GPS, CINeMA.