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Business Continuity Management and Organizational Survival During the Corona Virus Pandemic: Case of Palestinian NGOS

This study aims to provide an overview of Business Continuity Management (BCM) implementations in the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Sector regarding current Covid-19 crisis and emergency status, In addition, this study is to attempts to investigate the impact of BCM factors (Direct BCM, Emergency response, Crisis management and Business recovery) on organization readiness in responding to unexpected crisis events that may hinder or impede normal business operations, thus threatening the NGOs organizational effectiveness, for this study, the data was collected through various methods including self-administered approach and distribution of electronic questionnaires via Goggle and conventional mail. The target population of the study was 100 Palestinian NGOs which are classified as big NGOs working in Gaza strip, , These organizations are selected as they are deemed to possess considerably higher sense of commitment towards embracing BCM best practices to enhance their business resiliency. The findings of this study revealed that Palestinian NGOs in Gaza Strip have implemented of BCM programs and factors at the minimum level, there is room for improvements in BCM certain areas to be taken into consideration by all organizations in General and NGOs in particular, also indicated that the relationship between BCM factors and organizational effectiveness are positively correlated and there is significant positive influence of NGOs Adopting BCM factors and the degree of NGOs organizational effectiveness. Keywords - Business Continuity, Management, Crises Management, Business Recovery, Organizational Effectiveness.