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Natural Resources Management in the Cyclades Islands in Greece and European Policies

Cycladic islands sustain significant natural resources, which have attracted many human activities in both the land and marine environments. Today, these islands have a great tourist interest and some of them have been global destinations. This has a result in natural resources being under high pressure and threat of degradation. The present study initially refers to the natural resources of the Cycladic islands and then refers to the problems that are caused by human activities, at land uses, at infrastructure, at tourism development, at energy, at policies and measures that have been taken for protection and management of natural resources. The survey also, focuses on the role of European policies through the directives on the sustainable management of natural resources and the development of islands. To carry out the survey, statistical data, geographic data and law texts were used at national and European level. The survey has shown that the existing measures for the protection and management of natural resources are not sufficient, but new policies and measures are should be taken for a better marine spatial planning aimed at the sustainability of island areas. Keywords - Natural Resources Management, European Union Policies, Cyclades Islands, Tourism, Coastal Area.