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Korean Popular Film in Our Age: Auteur Criticism on the Detective, Mixed Genre, and the Motif

By analyzing a number of the Korean popular films, this paper examines one of the popular film genres, a detective genre, which has been continuously developed in the last two decades. From The Memories of Murder (2003) to the action, Veteran (2015), a thriller, Wailing (2016), and the recently commercially succeeded comedy, Extreme Job (2018), this paper explores those of the mixed genre, which are based on the detective format. This paper provides the significant values of the auteur criticism (author theory) through a various aspect of the genre film, the motif, and the format made by film directors. Not only this paper adds a positive perspective to the debate on the commercial auteur criticism, but also defines the Korean film as the creative genre film, based on the various motifs. Keywords - Auteur Criticism, Detective Genre, Extreme Job, Korean Genre Film.