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Business Intelligence System use to Gain and Sustain Competitive Advantage

Business Intelligence has been with us under several different names for several decades. Defined as getting the right information to the right people at the right time, BI is of paramount importance for any decision maker. However BI use in Moroccan companies still somewhat “marginal” and only addressed to important business problems. There have clearly been exceptions to this pattern, but for the most part BI and its practitioners have dwelled in the “back rooms” of organizations. Considering this issue, we propose to study in this paper how a BI system can lead any firm to achieve and sustain its most powerful success factor witch is competitive advantage. We conduct an exploratory research in order to gather information from literature review that helps us to suggest hypothesis of our research model “factors leading a BI system to achieve and sustain competitive advantage”. Keywords - Business Intelligence, Performance Management Capabilities, Knowledge Sharing, Organizational Innovation, Organizational Learning, Competitive Advantage.