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The Interaction Between Oil Price and Bioenergy Crop Price

This research is conducted to study the interaction between oil prices and these bioenergy crop products’ which might be altered by the use of bioenergy which may turn some crops, such as palm tree, sugarcane, and soybean crop, from food to energy supply. The price data of crude oil, palm oil, soybean, and sugar are separated into two sub-periods including the period from January 1990 to July 2007 when the crude oil price is at its peak and the second sub-period after that period to December 2019. The later data set represents the prices after bioenergy becomes more widely accepted as the substitute of fossil energy. The correlation and multiple regression analysis disclose the higher linkage of the prices in the second sub-period and suggest that the markets of these bioenergy crops’ products and crude oil become more integrated. Farmers, energy producers, investors, and policymakers who involve in these markets should incorporate these findings in their decision making. Keywords - Bioenergy Crop, Energy Supply, Fossil Energy, Integrated, Market